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We have represented employees in employment related matters for over 15 years.  Accordingly our team has a wealth of knowledge of employment practices and the laws relating to rights employees can expect to enjoy in the workplace. Employees do not always possess the extensive resources that many employers do in dealing with employment matters.  We offer the resources and capability to help employees understand their rights and obligations in the employment environment.  Our advocacy expertise includes personal grievances, interim reinstatement, compliance orders, injunctions, strikes and lockouts, and all employment related claims.

We offer support and advice in the following areas:

Individual Services

Cullen - The Employment Law Firm was one of the first eleven law firms in New Zealand approved to provide employment law services to Government and the public sector.

Cullen - The Employment Law Firm and Women's Refuge are partnering to bring your business an understanding of the effects of domestic violence and the new laws assisting victims of domestic violence at work. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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