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Health and Safety

Employers have enforceable responsibilities under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, the good faith principles of the Employment Relations Act 2000, and their responsibilities as prescribed in an employment agreement, to ensure that they provide a safe employment environment for employees to work in. Their responsibilities include the identification and elimination of hazards, training and supervision for the prevention of harm, and the recording and notification of accidents. If you are concerned that an employer is not fulfilling its responsibilities, or you are experiencing harmful physical or psychological symptoms such as stress, we will provide legal advice about how to exercise your rights and resolve the situation. It is important that employers are aware of and are observing their obligations in relation to the safety of all of their employees. Raising health and safety concerns is likely to improve not only your safety but the safety of your co-workers. Resolving these issues also tends to benefit the organisation as a whole in the long term.

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