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Bullying and Harassment

Unfortunately, allegations of bullying and harassment sometimes arise in places of employment. These situations must be dealt with quickly and effectively to ensure the safety of employees and their protection in the workplace. Bullying or harassment of any kind by employers or co-workers is unacceptable. In the case of employers, it may lead to constructive dismissal claims. We can advise you on claims of bullying, sexual or racial harassment or harassment of any kind, and advise you about the processes involved in addressing them.

Our advocacy includes:

  • Helping you to determine whether to proceed with a complaint
  • The making of a formal complaint
  • Advice about how to deal with the parties during the process of resolving the claim
  • Representation at meetings and/or mediation
  • Advice about your options when considering the future of your employment.

We understand that bullying and harassment are often significant hurdles in the life an employee and we aim to resolve these issues in a timely and sensitive manner.

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